Contact Stephanie on the contact page of this website if you want help walking through this enrollment process. THANKS!

Or visit: https://mydoterra.com/stephaniegunning
and select the Join & Save options using the following instructions:

Step By Step – How To Get Your Essential Oils Wholesale Account

Step 1: Click this link to start sign up process.

Step 2: Click “Join & Save” tab

Step 3: Scroll down and click “JOIN doTERRA”

Step 4: Select your language (E.g., English, Spanish, and so on)

Step 5: Choose “Wholesale Customer” or “Wholesale Wellness Advocate” (if you want to build a business with me by sharing your enthusiasm for oils with your friends) and then click “CONTINUE”

Step 6: Enter your information (name, address, time zone, phone, email, birth date). Ensure BOTH Enroller ID and Sponsor ID numbers are filled in with 569891 so that I (Stephanie Gunning) can support you. Create your personal password. Read and accept the terms and conditions. And then click “CONTINUE.”

Step 7: Select your initial order. That means, if you want to enroll for only $35, type in the search field, “Introductory Enrollment PACKET” (item ##60200277), and select that. Then add your essential oils.

OR…. If you prefer to start with an Enrollment Kit (a MUCH better deal where the $35 dollar enrollment fee is waived) type in the name of the Enrollment Kit you want to start with (Click here to see a list of different kits you may choose among). Once your packet or kit and any additional oils you’d like are in your shopping cart, click “CONTINUE” and enter your payment information.

[Contact Me If You Want Advice on Your Choice of Kits: I highly recommend “AromaTouch Diffused” for Massage Therapists and Romantic Couples, “Family Wellness” for Households with Children Under Age 12, and “Oil Sharing” for People Who Want to Build Their Own doTERRA Oils Franchise.]

Step 8: Set up your OPTIONAL & FREE Loyalty Rewards Program membership to continue earning points and thus free products in the future. If you’d like 10%-30% back on every order, you’ll enjoy this benefit and I’ll teach you about it as soon as your registered. That’s it… you now have access to an incredible product line and a team of dedicated wellness advocates to support you!

I invite you to an Essential Oil Insights Live Stream on Facebook where my friend Laure Rubinstein and I (and sometimes our guests) teach about a new oil or oil blend each week and answer questions. Join us live on Mondays at 8 pm Eastern/ 7 pm Mountain / 6 pm Central / 5 pm Pacific on the Facebook page Women Essential Entrepreneurs. You may replay these videos at any time.

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