“Stephanie’s ability to breathe life into characters and evoke emotions through her words is truly remarkable. Her meticulous attention to detail and keen eye for grammar and style have been invaluable to me. Her insightful feedback consistently elevates my writing, making it more polished and impactful. Stephanie is a true professional, and I highly recommend her as a writer and editor.”

—Karen Olson, philanthropist, founder and president emeritus of Family Promise, author of More Than I Ever Imagined: Opening Your Heart and Finding Your Purpose (September 2024)

“Working with Stephanie has been an incredible experience that has truly transformed my proposal and manuscript. It was a challenge for me to find an editor who was not only openminded but also able to provide compassionate yet constructive criticism for the specific topic I was writing about. Stephanie came highly recommended, and right from our first conversation, I knew she grasped the essence of my work and understood my needs. Her brilliance shone through as she devoted time and effort to meticulously develop every aspect of my proposal, exceeding my expectations. She went to great lengths to conduct thorough research and compile one of the most comprehensive proposals I have ever come across. I wholeheartedly recommend Stephanie to anyone searching for an expert proposal creator and editor for their book. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with her again.”

—Marizelle Arce, N.D., naturopath and terrain doctor, author

“I found editor Stephanie Gunning after searching ‘best spiritual memoir editors’ on Google. That search led me to the web article ‘14 Best Spiritual Book Editors’ (which actually listed nineteen). From Stephanie’s profile in that article, the words 36 years of relative experience in the industry and senior editor for Bantam Doubleday Dell and Delacorte Press and specializes in… non-fiction books on New Age, spirituality, health, and personal transformation grabbed my attention, and beckoned me to reach out.

“Two months later, now that Stephanie has completed two line/copy edit passes of my manuscript, I find it hard to believe that she was only awarded the final spot on that list of best spiritual book editors! Not only did Stephanie’s suggested edits and format changes improve the overall readability of my book, but also, her numerous questions helped me to express my thoughts more clearly and concisely. 

“If you are looking for an editor, and are thinking about reaching out to Stephanie, I have two words for you: Do it! Stephanie is whip-smart and a firecracker who possesses the no-nonsense directness of a true New Yorker (which I appreciated very much). Extremely thorough, detail-oriented, fast, direct, insightful, and funny, if you engage Stephanie as an editor, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with the results.”

—Mathew David Hart, veteran film and television producer, author of Nine Ghosts (Higher Path Publishing, April 2024)

“Working with Stephanie Gunning was the best decision I’ve made in my writing career. Not only did she help me with my writing, but she also helped me understand who I am as a writer. She researched my online presence and clarified my message in a way I have been unable to do. She believed in me and pushed me through the challenging parts of being a writer yet was honest and direct in her communication when something needed to be changed or went off-topic. She kept me focused on my tasks and provided creative input for me to consider. Her knowledge made my writing appealing to agents, publishers, and readers.

“Stephanie has opened my eyes to how succinct a writer must be, and as a result, I am a far better writer than I was before started working with her. As a nonfiction writer, I appreciate that her insight and experience brought me to a place where I have a project of which I can be proud. Before working with Stephanie my writing was good—but too generic. I knew that I was missing something but could not identify what on my own. Working with Stephanie has been a game-changer. Because of her professional experience, she sees the big picture and the small details. She identified the missing link in my project and now I know my book will stand out and have the impact on people’s lives that I desire it to have.

“Thank you, Stephanie, you are the reason my dreams are coming true, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

—Victoria Johnson, Ph.D., Heal Your Life trainer, author of Shake It Off, Shake It Up (forthcoming)

“As the author of a book on a highly nuanced sequence of meditations to explore and expand consciousness, I was grateful to have the support of a copy editor capable of understanding the subtle distinctions I was making and also one who could help me to comprehend the readers’ experience of my text. I learned much about the technical skill of writing and structuring books while working with Stephanie Gunning and I recommend her editorial services to other writers for whom quality is important.”
—Fernando A. Obando, author of Embodying Your Soul (2022)

“As a first-time author and self-publisher, I was the classic example of someone who ‘doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.’ What I discovered soon after completion of the first unedited draft of my book, was that my partnership with Stephanie Gunning was a stroke of great luck. That’s because she quickly recognized that I knew little about the publishing process. Yet, she took me on as a client having seen some potential in my writing. Thus, she became more than an editor and publishing consultant. Better descriptions might be publishing navigator and chief hand-holder. From helping me to shape my story into so much more than I could have imagined, to handling book cover design, layout, and illustrations she oversaw every aspect of my book’s development.

“As the project manager of this venture, Stephanie and her team handled administrative setup of online publishing accounts for print-on-demand paperback and ebook editions. She helped get the requisite ISBNs and bar code needed, secure a Library of Congress Control Number, file for copyright registration, and set up metadata for my accounts. She also secured permissions for the frequent use of quotes and song lyrics that embellished my book. Basically, she was an A–Z guide, making sure that everything was in place for a successful book launch.

“Then there was what I fondly call customer aftercare, which is the true mark of a quality relationship. When our agreement formally ended with my book’s publication, Stephanie  continued to consult with me on my marketing and publicity strategies, consistently offering encouragement, advice, and suggestions on ways to get exposure for the book. In other words, she cares.

“The result? I have a book I’m proud of, one that is experiencing modest sales success. My warm relationship with Stephanie continues.”

Steve Litwer, author of The Music Between Us (One Guitar Place, 2020)

“I’m a firm believer that you never fully know about someone or something until you work with them or go through the actually process yourself. Before Stephanie and I started working together, I read all these beautifully written testimonies, from these incredibly successful writers and industry people, but I wasn’t quite ready for the journey I was about to embark on. Now that I have worked with Stephanie for little over a year, and I have a completed manuscript and book proposal, if you are considering working with her, I’ll do my best to make these words count:

“Working with Stephanie was a blessing in disguise. Before I even sent her my first draft, I thought my book was perfect, and I was afraid she would change it. First thing she made me realize, was that the way I saw this book as perfect was not the same way the reader would. That fundamental switch allowed me to start working diligently on making the required changes throughout my book. Stephanie is more than an editor: She never rushed me. She always made me feel like I was never alone. She knew me. She knew me through each page and every chapter. She payed attention. She knew what was real and what needed to go. She called out my bullshit. Yes, she did help me change my book— by helping me refocus my direction, my book is more than I could have ever imagined, and I have a very big imagination, so that says a lot. Working with Stephanie is an education. By the end of your contract, you will have more than just a finished manuscript… you will have more confidence in your writing, in your own worth and your skills. I am a much better writer and thinker having worked with Stephanie.

“I have no doubt, in my heart and mind, that A Spontaneous Life is going to be special and help millions of people, and that day, when it hits book store’s, she will be the first person I think about. Stephanie is the standard in this business, and anyone would be fortunate to work with her.”

—Danny David, author of A Spontaneous Life (DannyMindBody, 2024)

“Stephanie Gunning has been my go-to editor since I submitted my first draft to Hay House over six years ago. She was instrumental in helping me win the Hay House 2017 Writers Workshop Book Contest. Similar to an expert surgeon, she used an exacting edge to help me find my true voice as an author. From book proposal to final copy edits, Stephanie has been my guiding light while  navigating the slippery slope that is the ever-changing face of publishing.”

—Courtney Marchesani, author of Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive (Hay House, 2021)

“I very much enjoyed working with Stephanie. Her edits to my book were crisp, clear, and meticulous! I am grateful to her for spending so much time, not only on the editing, but on advising me how to get it to a publishable form. Let the sun keep shining!”

—Bill Wood, author of Real God-Getting: Pursuing Transcendence Through Christian Mysticism and Yoga Meditation

“Working with Stephanie Gunning is one of the most profound and intimate experiences either of us ever has had. She has an uncanny ability to go through a manuscript with a precision that is soul baring. She questions, supports, and calls you out where required to bring your book to its maximum potential—all with integrity. Stephanie is all heart and has a mind like a steel trap. We will never forget when she asked us if we wanted to use the word “by” or “through” to get our point across more clearly in one place. We had to stop and think about that one, and there was a difference!”

—Suzie and Simon Heilo, coauthors of I Am Sovereign: A Handbook for Learning the Language of Vibration (Noble Truth Press, 2020)

“I was so impressed with Stephanie’s work editing my manuscript that I hired her to do the book packaging, and boy, am I glad I did! She got me thinking beyond the book itself to overall branding and produced a great cover. She also helped me navigate the byzantine back alleys of copyrights, the Amazon ranking system, and Kindle Direct Publishing, all of which were way more complicated than I anticipated. I would have been lost without her guidance.”

—Virginia Gilbert, MFT, author of Transcending High-Conflict Divorce (Transcend Press, 2019)

“Stephanie Gunning is, in a word, brilliant. Combined with a deep knowledge and experience as a writer and editor she ‘knows the business’ and helped me and my coauthor, Tammy McCrary, produce a book that is extraordinary. The Transformational Power of Sound and Music was the result of that collaboration. Stephanie expertly guided us through all the twists and turns that come with writing a book and publishing. There are many! She takes on a project with the investment of both her mind and heart and goes the extra mile to assure that our collective vision is fulfilled. I totally trust her and consider a dear friend and colleague. Look no further for an editor.”

Flicka Rahn, coauthor of The Transformational Power of Sound and Music (Life in 432 Publishing, 2018)

“Stephanie Gunning is a world-class editor. I would not ever want to do a book without her! Stephanie’s many years of experience in publishing and her support were instrumental in putting together the proposal that would lead to closing a deal with my dream publisher HarperElixir, the mind, body, spirit imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. Stephanie kept me on schedule and taught me how to dig deeper and become a better writer. Her wisdom is invaluable. Her depth of vision powerful and her heart is deeply connected to Spirit. If you are considering submitting a proposal to a publisher or want to ensure a book that is a success, the best decision you can make is to hire her. You will be more than happy you did!”

Joanna Garzilli, author of Big Miracles (HarperElixir)

“Stephanie came highly recommended, deservedly so. Thank goodness for her steady hand on the rudder, because there were many times when I was in total overwhelm. With her calm certainty she guided me through every storm. Stephanie brings the whole package to the table—literally—with her value-added book packaging service. I would still be wandering in circles trying to navigate the maze of publishing without her expertise and guidance. There’s an astonishing amount of detail involved! The wisest choice is to seek out Stephanie’s expert guidance on your voyage to becoming a successful, published author.”

Debbra Lupien, bestselling author of Akasha Unleashed

“What a pleasure to work with Stephanie Gunning.  She’s creative and diligent. She inspired me.  Bringing out the best in me, and in my work. While catching every typo!  I didn’t want the process to end, but in the end I got a beautiful book proposal. One day she will write a best seller. Because she’s such a brilliant and witty writer . . . I can’t wait to read it.”

Dorothy Lucey, TV personality (Good Day LA) and blogger

“Working with Stephanie has been more than a dream come true. As a 19-year-old author, having even the chance of being in the presence of someone on Stephanie’s caliber was beyond my wildest dreams. She treated me no different than a published and famous author. She seamlessly crafted my ideas into a reality. She respected my thoughts and opinions and only made them more beautiful. I have never met anyone like Stephanie. Her brilliance as a writer, mentor, and editor has changed my life and my perception on the world. Stephanie and her meticulous care for my project has been the greatest gift I could have ever received. By helping me publish this book, Stephanie has changed my life and set me free to live my dreams. If anyone has the blessing of working with Stephanie as I have, you will learn more than you ever dreamed possible. I am so grateful for Stephanie, and always will be. I hope to one day be half of the writer she is. I cannot say anything, but great things for all that Stephanie does. This world is lucky to be graced by the presence of Stephanie’s expertise, care, sympathy, and pure raw talent.”

—Lucy Quigley, author of You Are Worthy

“Stephanie Gunning has the remarkable ability to orchestrate a seamless process of editing as she weaves words into a solid structure. When I would get the manuscript back it was like dipping my finger into whipped cream that was perfectly prepared. Not too runny, not too thick, just light and fluffy and ready to melt in your mouth! She skillfully handles the genre of spirituality with an intuitive sense of how to communicate the mysteries of that world. The best part is that she is witty and fun to work with and kept me inspired along the way. Just pick up the phone and call her, she will not disappoint.”

—Lori Morrison, author of Lori: The Disintegration of My Ordinary Reality

“Stephanie Gunning is extraordinary! She once said to me that her purpose is to help others accomplish their purpose. She’s right! Stephanie powerfully and efficiently helped me target, articulate, and refine my message. She’s an excellent editor, and an even better friend and support system. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone in need of a skilled, talented, and professional editor or teacher.”

Rebecca Hintze, M.S., author of Essentially Happy and Healing Your Family History (Hay House)

“Writers who are serious about their careers have been turning to Stephanie Gunning for years. She is an A-list editor and an acclaimed writer. Stephanie knows the publishing business, and she knows what it takes to succeed. Stephanie is a coach to many of today’s most successful authors. She knows the right questions to ask. She knows when to challenge you, and she knows when you need a little encouragement. Stephanie is the best at what she does.”

David J. Pollay, author of The Law of the Garbage Truck (Sterling)

“Stephanie Gunning is a consummate development editor. She can conceptualize a finished book while it’s an embryo. As an author with a big idea and little skill, she helped me to stay the course over four years, through copious research, learning to think and write. She challenged me every step of the way to make the book better. Her guidance helped me land a cherished book contract.”

Renee Baribeau, author of Winds of Spirit (Hay House)

“From the moment you first meet Stephanie Gunning you know you made the right decision. She has a contagious laugh and a look in her eyes that lets you know that she is a skilled professional who will help you fulfill your dream of finally writing the book that has been swirling around in your heart, soul, and mind, but needs a steady hand to bring it to life. Hour of the Wolf wanted to be written for the longest time, but it took Stephanie and her team to bring it together.”

—Paul R. Lipton, author of Hour of the Wolf

“I cannot over state the impact Stephanie Gunning has had on my writing of both my first book proposal and my manuscript. Like a ship lost in a stormy sea, I needed a beacon, and Stephanie appeared like a brightly beaming lighthouse to guide me safely and sanely to shore. She held my hand, kicked my ass, talked me off the ledge, raised the bar, made me look good, orchestrated chaos, played idea pinball, and above all, persevered. I am both indebted to Stephanie and in awe of the miracle of her divinely ordered presence on my professional path.”

Faith Freed, Hay House Writers Workshop winner, author of IS

“As a new writer with no experience in the publishing world, I really needed guidance. I am so thankful I was connected to Stephanie Gunning by a mutual friend. Her editorial insights helped me refine the areas of my book where I struggled to express myself. Now I feel more confident as a writer and I would work with Stephanie again in a heartbeat!”

Susannah Pitman, M.S., L.Ac., author of Peace with Trees

“I have rarely worked with an editor who is so adept at content editing, copy editing, structure, and maintaining an author’s voice while managing to enhance the entire project. I’ve used Stephanie Gunning on book projects that were very difficult and complex, and she was able to decipher the authors’ intent and create beautiful final manuscripts (which ended up being bestsellers, too!).”

Jill Kramer, former editorial director, Hay House, and literary agent, Waterside Productions

“If you are an author choosing to go the independent route, and you want the experience and the product to be as professional as possible, as if it came out of a classical, traditional publishing house, that’s exactly what happens when Stephanie Gunning packages your book. I love the way she navigated the production process for me. One of the consistent messages I hear is how beautiful and professional the book design looks. Before people read a word, they immediately comment on its appearance as they hold it and look at it. That is a testament to what can come out of working with Stephanie Gunning’s company. They’re a pleasure to work with.”

—Richard J. Orlando, Ph.D., author of Legacy

“Stephanie Gunning was my editor for The God Code, as she previously was for The Isaiah Effect. Through our conversations to flesh out the book, she always asked just the right questions in precisely the right way to lead us to the clearest choices! I am grateful for her professionalism, and for the dedication and skill that she embodies in all that she does, as well as her patience. Most of all, I am thankful to her for helping me take the complexities of science and transform them into the joy of empowering wisdom!”

Gregg Braden, New York Times bestselling author of The God Code (Hay House) and The Isaiah Effect (Three Rivers Press)

“Stephanie was a dream to work with on The Sedona Method. She is bright, professional, and great at what she does. She made the whole project fun. I would highly recommend her for any writing or editing project.”

Hale Dwoskin, author of the New York Times bestseller The Sedona Method

“Stephanie Gunning has a unique ability to see the inner voice of the author, act as the catalyst to move the message from concept to the page, and then spin it into a powerful package that sells. She is the one-stop-shop, A-1 publishing consultant as writer, creative director, mentor, and promoter. To top it off, she really cares about her clients and their success. Stephanie was the brains and heart behind my book. I could not have done it without her.”

Allison Maslan, bestselling author of Blast Off, and creator of The Pinnacle mastermind program

“Stephanie Gunning is quite simply a writing goddess. She is a total professional who is also incredibly fun to work with. And I should also mention, she is intuitive, insightful, and brilliant. I owe much of the success of my Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul series to her editing skills.”

Arielle Ford, President, The Ford Group, and creator of the Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul Series (Plume)

“Stephanie is an exceptional writer who can enhance the voice of the author without changing the voice. Her mastery of the content as well as the intent is extraordinary. She has truly been a gift to me.”

Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D., bestselling author of A Framework for Understanding Poverty and Crossing the Tracks for Love

“Stephanie’s suggestions and work with me were paramount in creating the enthusiasm with which the editors of New World Publishing and several other publishers looked at my book proposal for Soul Currency. I got interest right away from eight publishers.”

Rev. Ernest D. Chu, author of Soul Currency (New World Library)

“I have built several multimillion-dollar companies and employed scores of creative people. In 20 years, I have yet to meet someone as talented, professional, and collaborative as Stephanie Gunning. Since our first meeting, and throughout the entire process of writing, I knew that I had a winner on my team. With Stephanie’s leadership, we delivered a flawless book proposal, commented upon by my agent and publishers as one of the most professional book proposals they had ever encountered. Stephanie’s attitude, enthusiasm, and zest for life are just a few of the qualities that I admire in her. If you are looking for a winner, you can count on Stephanie.”

Russell Brumfield, author of Whiff

“I am deeply grateful to Stephanie Gunning, my writer and collaborator on The Passion Principle, for her contribution to the book. Her genius in putting my work into words has truly inspired me and will live on in the book forever”

Donna LeBlanc, M.Ed., psychotherapist, broadcaster, and author of The Passion Principle (Health Communications Inc)

“How is Stephanie marvelous? Let me count the ways! With her combination of keen editorial and writing skills, her uncanny ability to make a voice accessible and articulate while keeping it authentic, her compassion, and her professionalism, Stephanie Gunning is the best friend any author, acquiring editor, or agent could have.

“As an agent, working with Stephanie always gives me a rare sense of sureness that the manuscript will be delivered to the publisher on time, and beautifully realized. With the half dozen projects we’ve teamed on I have been impressed with her ability to both nurture authors and introduce them to the cold realities of the business beyond writing their book.”

Stephany Evans, President, Fine Print Literary Management

“Stephanie Gunning is a true master of her trade. She has unique writing, editorial, and organizational skills. Working with her was a great learning experience.”

Edward Shalts, M.D., D.Ht., author of The American Institute of Homeopathy Handbook for Parents (Jossey-Bass) and Easy Homeopathy (Perigee)

“I am indebted to Stephanie Gunning, my writer, whose enthusiasm, patience, perseverance, and skills made Total Renewal possible.”

Frank Lipman, M.D., author of Total Renewal (J.P. Tarcher)

“The magic of Stephanie’s writing in Will Power is that she has taken my spoken words and breathed life into them on the written page. When you read the book it is as if I am right there speaking to my actors. Hers is a true gift.”

John Basil, author of Will Power: How to Act Shakespeare in 21 Days (Applause)

“I love Stephanie Gunning! She is an amazing editor. I came to Stephanie after struggling with a book proposal for over a year on my own and getting rejected by LOTS of agents. She took my jumbled inspiration and made it into a cohesive, organized project. She saw my vision of the book and helped me create it, step-by-step. Stephanie made me a better writer.”

Sandy Grason, author of Journalution (New World Library)

“Stephanie Gunning was my ‘editorial angel,’ who skillfully, with much heart and soul, transformed my manuscript so it could go on to help and heal others. My book and I were both very blessed for having her care and talent. She is rare gem in the world of publishing!”

Andie (Nancy) SantoPietro, author of Health and Feng Shui

“Stephanie Gunning is a rare editor who doesn’t tinker with your voice but rather uses her rather astonishing editorial knowledge to hone your manuscript to perfection. She’s fun to work with (fabulous laugh and sense of humor), is an established professional in the publishing world, and is generous with introductions to agents and others who can help you. Also when you work with Stephanie she is extremely responsive and there for you. It’s simply a great experience. If you’re shopping for an editor, look no more.”

Nancy DeVille, author of Murder by Supermarket

“Stephanie Gunning is a brilliant and insightful editor. Lighting bolts of clarity and expansive vision are hallmarks of her work.”

Eli Davidson, author of Funky to Fabulous in 15 Minutes

“I am grateful to Stephanie Gunning for her help and support in my writing of Legends and Prophecies of the Quero Apache. This project was begun as a sharing of hopes, dreams, and history, and it would have been a very different book if it had been published the way I originally wrote it. But within the confines of Stephanie’s insight, perspective, and energy, the book expanded into a work that would transcend cultural boundaries. It became more than I could have ever prayed for—and for that, no amount of gratitude will ever be enough.”

Maria Yraceburu, Quero Apache tlish diiyin ‘tsanti and storyteller, author of Legends and Prophecies of the Quero Apache and Prayers and Meditations of the Quero Apache

“It was wonderful collaborating with Stephanie to help get my message across to so many breast cancer survivors.”

Sherry Lebed Davis, author of Thriving After Breast Cancer (Broadway)

“During the writing of my first book, But I Love Him, Stephanie was solely responsible for turning me from a good writer to an author. She was as enthusiastic about the topic as I was and not only shared her views about the ways in which we could make the book even better, but because of her former editing experience at a large publishing house, she also shared what ‘worked.’ This knowledge was invaluable and the result was a manuscript that needed little editing from my senior editor at HarperCollins.

“Throughout the writing of my second book, Destructive Relationships, Stephanie was just as helpful. Since we knew each other so well at the time, the process was very quick and so much fun that I hated to see it end! When my senior editor at Jodere Group read the manuscript, he said that he had never seen such a well put-together book. I credit Stephanie for that comment.”

Jill Murray, Ph.D., author of But I Love Him (HarperCollins) and Destructive Relationships

“Stephanie Gunning is not only an exemplary writer and collaborator, she is also a person of grace and integrity. Stephanie’s collaboration on both my books was invaluable. She made the entire process fun and stress-free. She is a master at the mechanics, structure, and organization of a manuscript. I highly recommend her!”

Shawne Mitchell, author of Exploring Feng Shui (New Page) and Home Sanctuaries

“Stephanie Gunning is a remarkable talent. She has the integrity to help you speak your Voice without imposing hers upon it. She is able to be in service to the Work and also to provide leadership when necessary. To my mind, she’s the Phil Jackson of the writing world. She is the coach of the team—but let’s you think you are. As Phil Jackson did with the Lakers, she’ll help you be the champion you’re capable of being.”

Arthur Samuel Joseph, author of Vocal Power

“Stephanie is a star. With her counsel, the book publishing process was completely demystified. I’d recommend her without hesitation to anyone considering writing a nonfiction book.”

Marci Alboher, author of One Person/Multiple Careers (Warner)

“Stephanie Gunning was a tremendous help for me when I was writing my book and self-publishing it. She came along at a time when I truly needed her. I was passionate about getting my book out, but lacked the education or knowledge of the publishing industry. She helped me from start to finish. As a matter of fact, once the book was out, she continued to send me suggestions about marketing it. I will always be grateful for her expertise, guidance, and passion.”

Ron Baker, author of Revelations for a Healing World

“My deep gratitude extends to Stephanie Gunning, whose enormous talent as a writer and amazing editorial vision guided me through the process of creating my book Barker’s Grub. She held my hand through the rough spots and anxious moments, and her wonderful insights and patience gave me the courage to set my ideas down in print.”

Rudy Edalati, author of Barker’s Grub (Three Rivers Press)

“I found Stephanie Gunning online because I was asked to write a book proposal. I didn’t go to college, but surely I was intelligent enough to ask for help. I handed her all of my crazy lunatic ideas and she worked with me to create what the head publicist at Hal Leonard would call ‘One of the best book proposals that has ever crossed my desk.’ Stephanie was so wonderful that after I was given only three months to write the book, I was told I had to ‘edit it myself.’ Well, you better believe I called her to help me edit it. She is VERY gifted at what she does.”

Sheri Sanders, author of Rock the Audition (Applause)

“When I realized I needed to bring the messages of Archangel Michael to the world I knew Stephanie was the one to do this with me. Because I was new at this, Stephanie, with her wonderful talents, gifts, and heart, took what Michael had given helped me craft his messages and lessons so beautifully at times that they simply amazed me.”

Jeff Fasano, author of Journey of the Awakened Heart

“Stephanie is very simply the writer’s best friend. She provides information that every writer needs on every phase of the writing, publication, and marketing process through provocative newsletters and insightful teleseminars. If you want to be a writer or know more about writing, start working with and listening to Stephanie.”

Janet Conner, author of Writing Down Your Soul (Conari)

“Stephanie Gunning is a priceless asset to have on your team. She has proven herself in delivering high-caliber, professional manuscript coaching and editorial services to me for my book. Now I could not imagine working with anyone else. I am grateful for her focus, promptness, patience, and intuitive insights, all of which exceeded my expectations. Stephanie is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her for your next project!”

Rev. Michael Jones, author of The Seven Victories of the Divine Child

“What happens when you work with Stephanie Gunning? You get silk from a sow’s ear. She finds the heart of your story, gives an edge to the writing, warns you of common mistakes, and helps you get everything ready for the reading world. And somehow there is pleasure in the whole enterprise. She is a beauty to work with.”

Sue Bastian, author of Fresh Widows

“Stephanie was able to guide me through the preliminary book outlining process by asking great, probing questions. I appreciate her dedication, hard work, and effective communication skills. I highly recommend her as an editor for an entire manuscript or as a consultant. She’ll make your work the absolute best it can be.”

—Felicia Bender, Ph.D., author of Redesign Your Life

“Stephanie is an awesome publishing consultant. She took me from an unfinished product to having my book published on Amazon and making money (all within three months).”

—Will Harris, author of Willpower Now

“Stephanie Gunning is an amazing coach, mentor, and inspiration. She has helped me to master the art of laser-focusing on an idea to create and live my dream. She has helped me to turn my pain into passion and purpose, so that I could succeed in my powerful life mission. I highly recommend her for writing, coaching, or editing on any project. Thank you, Stephanie, for your commitment to excellence!”

—Carolyn A. Brent, M.B.A., author of Why Wait?

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