No matter what shape your work is in, Stephanie makes it better. She is a classically trained professional developmental editor, whose first job out of college was as the personal assistant of the managing editor of the HarperCollins Trade Division in the old building on West 53rd Street off Fifth Avenue. She then was given the opportunity to move upstairs (literally) and share an office for nine years with a legendary executive editor, Hugh Van Dusen, soaking up the experience, like a sponge, through her eyes, ears, and pores—hearing every phone call and attending every meeting in that room.

Briefly she had the privilege of being “shared” with another then-emerging editor, Craig Nelson, and thus got to do some work with (and meet) a pile of celebrity figures on their books: musician Ron Wood, painter Andy Warhol, actor Lily Tomlin, musician Phillip Glass, director Peter Sellers, and so many more. She was a shy, starstruck kid. Craig has gone on to be a remarkable writer of history, hitting the NY Times Bestseller List for Rocket Men, winning the Henry Adams Prize for Thomas Paine.

As a junior-level editor Stephanie honed her skills while reissuing back list drug store editions of the works of classic murder mystery writers, like Agatha Christie, by “covering” front list titles from hardcover publishers to see if they would be appropriate for the HarperPerennial paperback book program, by supervising the production of front list books for her boss, and by forming relationships with other editors and agents.

At age 30, Stephanie acquired her first New York Times best seller as an associate editor, Mutant Message Down Under. Delacorte Press then snatched her up, promoting her to senior editor, asking her to help build its health and spirituality line. She went freelance a few years later, as a publishing consultant and editor.

When the publishing industry was disrupted and underwent a digital revolution, Stephanie was already in place experimenting with those technologies and assisting transformational workshop leaders and experts form their own small publishing companies, build infrastructure, and package high-quality products from which they reaped the profits. She learned from the best efforts of these entrepreneurs and passes that information back to her clients through expert consultations.

Let Stephanie use her critical eye and skills to assist you with organization, clarity, and aesthetic quality, as well as her perspective on what works in the marketplace. She handles a select group of nonfiction trade book projects personally. The goal? Reaching hearts and minds. Improving lives—as well as your writing process.

Stephanie works on both mainstream and self-published projects. If you’re a self-publisher, it may interest you to know that she is a seasoned book packager. Her team of industry professionals can polish your book ’til it shines! Ask for a private consult here.

No children’s books, screenplays, novels, or articles, please.

Book Proposals

During her years acquiring books for the trade departments of two of the Big Five publishers Stephanie formed strong opinions on how authors can appeal to the sensibilities and needs of in-house editors. She subsequently became a SECRET WEAPON for literary agents and authors IN THE KNOW seeking to publish in the mainstream.

To date Stephanie has ghosted and coauthored roughly 35 projects sold from book proposals she’s written, and literally dozens of other books have been sold to publishers by clients and their agents from the proposals she’s crafted on their behalf. Several writers who have been coached by her or hired her have won proposal competitions for which they were awarded professional publishing contracts.

This is an ELITE SERVICE for highly qualified projects and writers. These days, Stephanie generally agrees to collaborate on only a few per year since she is busy with her own writing projects and leading her life.

Publishing Consultation

Book publishing is an idiosyncratic business. Yet under Stephanie’s expert guidance, its mysteries are swiftly penetrated. She counsels writers and small independent publishers on taking the next step.


Buy an Introductory Strategy Session

The 45-Minute Strategy Session is designed to give you the clarity and focus that you desire to help you get unstuck and moving in the right direction with your publishing plans. If you are weighing the decision whether to self-publish or to seek a traditional publisher, or if you are uncertain about moving forward and want some in-depth preliminary advice, this type of session is appropriate for you.dreamstime_xl_9905547-526X163

First-time clients only!


Stephanie is a master of the publishing process. Her online courses illuminate the exact steps you need to take to hone your ideas and produce and market your books, whether you’re using a traditional publishing model or the new paradigm self-publishing model.


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