Winter Solstice Gift

As we in North America make our spiraling passage away from the Sun, we are called to find the Light we seek within ourselves. A mind that is in communication with a heart is powerfully aware.

I would very much like to gift you with …


The rules of therapeutic writing are simple:

  1. Be deliberate about the purpose.
  2. Tell the truth.
  3. Let mindfulness reveal the hidden.
  4. Look to make meaning from emotions and incidences.
  5. Stay open to multiple points of view.
  6. Be patient in the midst of discomfort.

If I were in prison, I would ask for a pen and paper because then I would be free to go anywhere and do anything I wanted through the power of my imagination.

The imagination can take us anywhere and any time. And it enables us to be everyone we want to be. It is holographic, timeless,  and transformational.


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