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Healing Energy: A Workbook for Practicing Self-Love
Stephanie Gunning
(Creative Blast Press, 2019)

21 Days to Better Sleep: A natural Solutions Guidebook
Stephanie Gunning and Laura Rubinstein,
(Creative Blast Press, 2019)


Home Sanctuaries: Creating Sacred Spaces, Altars, and Shrines with Feng Shui
Shawne Mitchell with Stephanie Gunning (Soul Style Press 2013)
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The Writer’s Book of Inspiration: Quotes on Writing and the Literary Life
Stephanie Gunning (Creative Blast Press 2013)
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Retire In Practice: Living a Lifestyle of Leisure without Sacrificing Your Bottom-Line
Jay Handt, D.C., Kathi Handt, with Stephanie Gunning (New York Chiropractic Press 2012)
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Audition for Your Career Not the Job: Mastering the On-Camera Audition
Tim Phillips with Stephanie Gunning (Masterly Publishing 2010)
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You Are a Spirit: Nine Steps to Heaven on Earth
Kayhan Ghodsi with Stephanie Gunning (YAAS Press 2010)
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Whiff: The Revolution of Scent Communication in the Information Age
C. Russell Brumfield, James Goldney, and Stephanie Gunning (Quimby Press 2008)
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Will Power: How to Act Shakespeare in 21 Days
John Basil with Stephanie Gunning (Applause 2006)
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Creating Your Birth Plan: The Definitive Guide to a Safe and Empowering Birth
Marsden Wagner, M.D., M.S., with Stephanie Gunning (Perigee 2006)
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Easy Homeopathy: The 7 Essential Remedies You Need for Common Illnesses and First Aid
Edward Shalts, M.D., DH.t., with Stephanie Gunning (McGraw-Hill 2006)
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Total Renewal: Seven Key Steps to Resilience, Vitality, and Long-term Health
Frank Lipman, M.D., with Stephanie Gunning (J.P. Tarcher 2004)
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Exploring Feng Shui: Ancient Secrets and Modern Insight for Love, Joy & Abundance
Shawne Mitchell with Stephanie Gunning (New Page 2002)
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Thriving After Breast Cancer: Essential Healing Exercises for Body and Mind
Sherry Lebed Davis with Stephanie Gunning (Broadway Books 2002)
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Barker’s Grub: Easy Wholesome Home Cooking for Your Dog
Rudy Edalati (Three Rivers Press 2001)
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