Interview with Lori Morrison, Author of ‘The Shaman’s Guide to Power Animals’

Recorded on May 10, 2019. This video footage is unedited.

Lori Morrison, author of the new Amazon bestseller The Shaman’s Guide to Power Animals, is a resonance healer and award-winning memoirist (Lori: A Memoir, 2017). Our conversation celebrates the publication, which project is the culmination of a writing and editing process that began over a year ago. I invited her to share her ideas.

5:50 Lori explains what a shaman is.

7:40 We explore the four types of power animals.

9:29 We talk about how the book changes your awareness.

12:16 Lori discusses the ways power animals show up.

13:35 Lori tells the story of how she found her home

15:25 Can your pet be your power animal?

15:53 Lori talks about pets and the afterlife.

18:43 Lori reveals the secrets of bees.

22:21 We talk about the format of the book.

26:20 Lori talks about her granddaughter’s experience with power animals.

29:00 We discuss the Yucatán Peninsula.

30:10 What do you do when you find your power animal?

30:29 Lori talks about crystals.

31:29 What type of responsibility comes with finding your power animal?

34:32 We learn the moving message Whale has for humanity.

37:11 Lori discusses her energy reading program.

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